Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does your company do?

We are a caregiver/companionship matching mobile & web app. BOTH caregivers & caregiver seekers may benefit from the connectivity of this app. We do NOT employ anyone but rather make the matching process (like Eharmony might for relationships or Uber might for transportation) more safe and efficient. We include a simple mobile app that offers a subscription to connect that includes those with a calling to serve, can undergo a robust background screening, BUT ultimate selection still depends upon personal preference.

When is home caregiving needed & why use Bloom instead of home health agencies?

In home non-medical caregiving is NOT covered by Medicare BUT very useful when there are inevitable gaps in home health medical care (which comes 2-3x/week) & Bloom App LLC can provide connections & screening & vetting to enhance safety & efficiency. Often home health care is concurrently needed & prescribed by a physician.

What if my caregiver/caregiverseeker does NOT work out as I hoped?

Our intention of the Bloom App is to have flexibility to change caregivers & our personal experience is that 1 caregiver or agency may not always fulfill every need, or “mesh” with family dynamics.

What if the burden of care becomes too great for 1 caregiver to handle?

Our consulting team/caregiver hotline can guide you through other options as plan B, etc., such as assisted living options, specialized nursing care, dementia care, or even hospice.

What if my family member is too sick?

It’s not a question of IF, but when will complications arise. Our team has been there before and will be there to help to guide you throughout the entire process.

What is the difference in companion care and personal care?

Companion care consists of preparing meals, light housework, medication reminders, errands, transportation, as well as mental stimulation through conversation and activities. Personal care can include bathing, mobility assistance, incontinence and toileting care, serving meals, fall prevention, and any other activities of daily living.

Does seniorcareonline process payments between parties?

No. seniorcareonline does not process payments between parties