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The premise for the seniorcareonline “Bloom” app was developed decades ago when a mature senior medical student was subletting housing from a senior citizen, and offsetting her expenses and providing purpose and reliable companionship. Many senior citizens needing companionship, greater supervision and even help to maintain independence and autonomy, need a tool to connect them with caregivers called to serve senior citizens. Having seen the process of finding and connecting seniors and caregivers as more random and haphazard over the years, our simple approach is to change this by facilitating the connection of these two groups and focus on key needs and wishes and match them online as closely as possible. We appropriately combine strict background checks, skill set requirements, educational prowess, and passion for our philosophy into each caregiver match.

Our basic premise is to provide a subscription-based app where a senior citizen first creates a profile that includes their needs and wishes. Next, the matches the skills and passion of a certified caregiver that has been vetted through a thorough background check which includes driving records, criminal records and state agencies. The senior can then contact the caregiver and negotiate pricing between the two parties.

Seeing the success of a dating apps that are customizable and the intermittent needs of companionship and relationship to reduce social isolation that maintain social distancing needs of the pandemic of COVID19, yields a robust yet simplistic approach.. Today's world expects an app that is technology-based, reliable, trustworthy, scientifically based, social-media savvy and easy to use.

Our development team has relied on exhaustive research by doctors trained in both medicine and in public health. Our approach is flexible enough to yield to personal preferences for a perfect match of science AND human touch. After years of dreaming of the perfect combination of geriatric research and flexibility, our app was created. We have gone to great lengths internationally with reputable minds and hearts, giving sound input into this development. We also have great appreciation to the bright and compassionate contributors without whom this would not be possible.

As much as we want you to be reassured about how much we know, it’s how much we care that matters most.

Maintaining a clear distinction of non-medical care yet understanding and providing an added layer of support amid the complexity of aging citizens is our niche with companionship and assistance at crucial stages of life. With COVID19 leading to 46% of all deaths in America in nursing homes, our role is even more crucial than ever to prevent nursing home placement when possible—AND aging in place with dignity and autonomy with as much independence as realistically possible.

Our caregiver screening questions include evidence-based, scientifically sound questions which result in almost 40% better outcomes. Our screening demands an honest answer to ensure that our caregivers are looking to fulfill a calling to serve others rather than just find another job.

If a bank can set up a secure account in 5 minutes that we can trust, we should have safe matching of caregivers for seniors.

Although our pairings are non-medical, our app has built-in features that were designed by a team that’s knowledgeable and attuned to relevance: medically, socially, and spiritually. Unlike other non-medical caregiver agencies (sometimes referred to as sitter services) our business model seeks “DOERS!” Also, unlike many caregiver agencies, our founder has been a hospital medical director in many settings serving an unparalleled scope of social needs across in-patient hospitals, physical rehabilitation, skilled nursing, long term acute, chronic care, outpatient, and home health. Why does this matter? It gives the big picture framework to help select or transition to different levels of care. It builds upon those issues which have been shown to improve families and caregivers understanding and support, to reduce hospital re-admissions and minimize undue stress of caregiving without adequate support.