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In-home senior assistance is the best pathway for your elder loved ones to live longer and age in place with dignity, independence, and autonomy. So, instead of moving your aging parents into an assisted living or adult day care facility, take a more personalized approach by hiring in-home caregivers.

Senior Care Online is an interactive and easy-to-use platform where you can quickly find a caregiver for the elderly in the US with utmost ease. We aim to help the elderly live independently in their homes where they feel the happiest, fully relaxed, and most comfortable. But hiring caregivers for seniors for non-medical assistance is challenging because the world of non-medical caregiving is unorganized and arbitrary. Being their family, you need to ensure that your elder loved one remains in safe and compassionate companionship.

To help you with that, we have launched with an innovative and reliable app “Bloom” that acts as a tool to connect seniors and their families with certified senior caregivers. With the Bloom App, you can easily find elderly care services that you can trust without worrying about the background and history of caregivers.

How to Get Started with
‘Bloom’ App for
Quality Senior Home Care

To find the best in-home caregivers for seniors, all you need is to create a profile on Bloom and share your caregiving needs, preferences, and expectations. Once the profile is created, our Bloom app matches the skills, experience, and passion of a certified caregiver with the information you furnished as close as possible. Our app will present certified caregivers that best match the criteria. Then, you can directly contact the senior caregiver and negotiate the pricing.

What makes our senior care online app unique is that it is not just created by a bunch of developers. Our app is scientifically based and quite easy to use. Its creation process involves intensive geriatric research by doctors trained in medicine and public health. Like social media apps, it is customizable to accommodate the evolving needs of companionship and care that seniors need to make life simpler and comfortable.

Choose Senior Care Online for
Trusted and Reliable Senior
Caregiver Services

You can rest assured about the credibility of caregivers you find at Senior Care Online. Senior health care providers available through the Senior Care Online platform are vetted through a comprehensive background check, including driving records, criminal records, and state agencies. Besides, certified senior caregivers are also screened rigorously for their skill set requirements, expertise, educational qualifications, and ethics essential to senior caregiving.

How We Support Care for Seniors

At Senior Care Online, you can find non-medical Home Care Assistance for different purposes that include but are not limited to:

  • Helping with getting in and out of the bed
  • Assisting with activities of daily life (bathing, dressing, and grooming)
  • Providing aid with nutritional meal preparation and feeding
  • Reminding to take medications timely
  • Assisting with getting around within the house and in the vicinity
  • Helping with transfers when the elderly need to attend appointments, parties, or any events
  • Providing companionship and engagement
  • Helping with running errands and light housekeeping
  • Assisting with grocery shopping
  • Providing care and assistance for non-medical needs that makes aging in place easy and comfortable

Home Care for Seniors

It is crucial to choose the right kind of home care for elderly to ensure that aging loved one is happy with the Senior Home Care Services you will be paying for. The right type of senior
home care will help you better improve their quality of life and enhance their comfort level with professional caregiving. So, make sure that you choose the right in-home care services.

At Senior Care Online, you can find caregivers for seniors for:

Companion Care

A companion caregiver offers the assistance that an aging loved one needs for a range of primary caregiving tasks, such as meal preparation, helping with running errands, light housekeeping, and of course, companionship that most people seek as they age. Companion care is perfect for those seniors who need home care assistance to live at their home comfortably, safely, and independently but don’t need advanced care assistance.

Personal Care

Personal senior home care is the right choice if your aging loved one needs advanced non-medical at-home care. Personal care services for seniors can include basic caregiving duties of a companion caregiver and personal tasks, such as taking a bath, safe restroom use, getting dressed, grooming, mobility, and personal hygiene. Thus, you can associate personal care with the assistance required for Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Respite Care

Are you the primary caregiver for your aging parents or the elderly loved ones? If yes, you might need respite care for seniors to fill in the gaps when you find yourself exhausted or too busy attending to urgent obligations. Apart from helping you avoid caregiver burnout, respite care also allows you to pursue other activities like going on vacations and spending quality time with family. Most importantly, respite care is the best option when you need some time to recharge yourself and self-care.

Dementia Care

Professional dementia care support allows your loved one with dementia to stay safe and live comfortably at home. Seniors with dementia need specialized care to address their unique needs and preferences properly. A specialized Dementia caregiver not only assists to the elderly with dementia condition but also offers much-needed relief and peace of mind to their family. At Senior Care Online, caregiver support for dementia care is always available from 870-222-0457.

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