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26 Mar 2022 What Qualifications Do I Need to Advance My Career as a Senior Caregiver?

Are you ready to start your career as a senior caregiver and looking for elder caregiver jobs near you? If yes, this blog will help you find out what senior care certifications and training can help you set on the path to success.  


Why do I need senior care certifications and training to care for seniors?

Even if you have already worked with seniors and gained a lot of experience in assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) and companionship, having relevant senior care certifications and training can make a significant difference.  How?


These qualifications will increase your chances of getting selected and finding a Private Caregiver Job in your area with a better paycheck. It is because care seekers and caregiving agencies see certified and trained candidates as more reliable and professional caregivers who are serious about their jobs.


Once they see the proof that you have received relevant education and training, they rest assured that you know what you are supposed to do. They can have peace of mind that you have received training about how to handle the emergencies and situations where seniors are reluctant to receive any kind of care or suffering from certain health conditions such as dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and incontinence.


So, before you search for Private Caregiver Jobs Near Me, consider receiving certifications and training to build trust and become a more promising candidate in the eyes of care seekers.


Which qualifications do I need to enhance my career as a private caregiver for seniors?

Though starting your career as a caregiver does not require college degrees or particular education, receiving relevant education through certifications and training is a crucial step in enhancing the level of care you can provide to seniors. Besides, they can also present opportunities in more niche positions, such as caregiving for a senior with dementia. So, if you are serious about working as a senior/elder caregiver, then the following senior caregiver courses will ramp up your career.


1.    National Caregiver Certification

When looking to advance your career as a caregiver, we recommend you to enroll in National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC) offered by American Caregiver Association (ACA).


When you are in the caregiving profession, not being nationally certified with ACA means you are not a certified caregiver. In fact, it is the basic expectation in the caregiving industry.


In case you are looking for a cheaper way to receive the training, you can choose a caregiving program that is recognized by your state.


2.    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training

A certified nursing assistant training will help you address the activities of daily living and other healthcare needs. As a certified nursing assistant, you can work in an inpatient hospital setting and also in residential facilities, rehabilitation centers, adult day care centers, and family homes.


During this course, you will learn nurse aid-related knowledge and skills that you can apply while caring for elderly people. You can enroll in 4 to 8 weeks of CNA training offered by the American Red Cross (choose the CNA course depending on your state).


3.    Home Health Aide (HHA) Training

Even though a home health aide is not a medical care provider, more people look for HHAs on a regular basis than they need a doctor. This training will help you learn basic medical care, patient care, emergency response, and support in a home-based environment.


The requirement for becoming a home health aide varies from the federal to the state level. You can check for Home Health Aide training offered by National Association for Home Care & Hospice through Home Care University.  American Red Cross also offers some HHA programs.  


Apart from this, you can enhance your career by enrolling in additional courses, such as:

  • First aid and emergency care training

  • Companion care training

  • End-of-life care training

  • Memory care training

  • Dementia care certification

  • Palliative care training and more

Continuing your education does not mean you need to spend a lot of money or get out of your home every single day to complete the training/certification. You can also attend online classes and enroll in self-study courses and then pass the examination to get the certification. Just make sure that before you choose any caregiver program, it is recognized, legitimate, and relevant to your niche.


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