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21 Dec 2021 Top 12 Gift Ideas for Seniors That They’ll Appreciate This Festive Season

Both Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. Like everybody else, elderly people also appreciate meaningful gifts. However, coming up with unique gift ideas for seniors can be very overwhelming. When you do not give a thought before buying a gift, you might even end up offending the elderly loved one. At this fragile age, people get more moody, selective, and sensitive.

So, instead of giving pill organizers that remind them of their forgetfulness or old age dementia, give something more fun and useful this festive season. If you are too busy doing some important work or unable to visit them, do not hesitate to ask the Caregiver for Senior you have hired to buy the gift of your choice. While the elderly would be happier to see you in person, not being there and not showing a gesture of love will certainly upset them.     

To make your challenging task of choosing the perfect gift for seniors easy, here are some of the best senior gift ideas that you can consider depending on what they will find most enjoyable and useful.

The Best Gifts to Give This Christmas or New Year to Your Elderly Loved Ones

1.     Brain Games and Puzzles

Brain games and puzzles are the perfect gifts for seniors because such games will help them pass their leisure time constructively. Just like everyone, brain training can help elderly people improve their memory, reasoning, and cognitive skills. Especially when a senior member in the family shows signs of dementia, brain games and puzzles are much better for them than constantly watching television or feeling lonely all the time.

2.    Single Serve Coffee Maker

In the golden age, senior people often find it laborious to grind and brew the perfect cup of coffee. Just like having a happy moment of coffee-sipping, brewing a cup of joe should be easy and quick. So, if you find your aging parent struggling with preparing coffee, get a single-serve coffee maker for them this festive season.  

3.    Recordable Book from Grandkids

If you are looking for a personalized gift that touches their hearts, a recordable book from grandkids will make the best gift for them. You can get your little children to record a story in their own voices and then play it back when grandma or grandpa opens this book.  

4.    Robotic Pet

Does your aging loved one love pets a lot but is in no condition of taking care of them? Why not gift them a robotic cat or dog? A robotic pet features realistic fur along with sensors that allow them to respond to human touch. Thus, it can make them happy and can distract their mind from loneliness for a while without requiring all the chores associated with living pets.

5.    Shopping Cart with Seat

Does your aging parent go shopping often? If yes, you can gift them with a sturdy yet highly functional shopping cart with a seat. As a person ages, he/she gets weaker, which makes it difficult for the elderly to stand for billing or wait in line for long. Senior family members or relatives will also appreciate this gift if they live in a crowded urban area and use public transportation when shopping or going to events where seats are limited.

6.    Music Player

Who does not love listening to music? But as the digital world is penetrating our personal lives, listening to songs has also become an online ritual. But, for those who are not as exposed to technology as you are, it is best to gift a simple and easy-to-use music player with pre-loaded songs they love. It is a great way to bring a smile to the face of the elderly every time they listen to music.

7.    Cozy Throw Blanket

Blankets and throws have always been a nice gift as they bring the feeling of coziness and warmth. So, if you think their throw blanket has become old and they will appreciate getting a cozy throw blanket, it is the best time to gift this as colder months have already started.

8.    Digital Assistants

Digital assistants have been introduced to make our lives easy and convenient. So, if you have a curious aging member in your family, a digital voice assistant like Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, or Microsoft Cortana will be a great gift choice for them this Christmas or New Year.

9.    Sunrise Alarm Clock

We all know how alarm clocks that wake us up with sound can be very irritating. If you find your elderly loved one complaining about not being able to get up on time or about getting frustrated with an alarm clock, a sunrise alarm clock will serve as a great gift for them. This alarm clock mimics the brightness of the sun to allow a person to wake up gently.

10. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a smart and worthwhile gift choice for elderly people. It is a great investment especially for those elderly who find it difficult to clean floors. But it works best when the floor is de-cluttered. 

11. Sleep Sound Machine

Are sleepless nights common for your aging loved one? If yes, a sleep sound machine might be a good solution. It generates soothing and calming white noise or nature sounds that help people feel relaxed and fall asleep faster.

12. Massage Pillow

Neck pain is also common among many seniors. So, if the senior person in your family often struggles with neck or back pain, gift them a heated massage pillow. It will help the elderly deal with the normal pain that comes with the aging process.

The Best Thing to Do - Hire a Caregiver for Elderly People

If your aging parents live in a separate home or you do not find much time to spend with them and take care of them, one of the best things you can do this festive season for them is to look for the best Caregivers for Elderly People online and hire the one that matches their needs perfectly to help them age in their own homes. A caregiver will not only make the life of your aging parent easier but also provide them the companionship they seek.  

Your little gestures mean a lot to your aging parents. So, do a little digging and see what they need the most and what gift they might appreciate.