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25 Apr 2022 How Much Do Elderly Caregivers Make in the US?

Undeniably, the most important aspect of a job for most people is the salary; after all, it is what fuels their livelihood and pays their bills. So, it is natural for elderly caregivers to ask how much they can get paid in their location.


While many factors such as qualifications, specialties, experience, scope of work, location, and certifications play a role in determining how much you can earn in Private Elderly Care Jobs, it is worth looking at the average salaries for senior caregivers in the US by state. However, it is not easy to find all the data in one place.


So, to make things easier for you, we have compiled salaries for elderly care jobs in different locations in the United States.  


What is the salary of senior caregivers in the United States in 2022?

According to Indeed, the average salary of a caregiver in the United States is $14.35 per hour. Since data is collected by sites from different sources, we noticed a variation in the average salary of caregivers as well. For instance, according to another website called ZIPPIA, the average elderly caregiver salary in the United States is $16.26 per hour.


A significant difference is also noticed in the salaries of elderly caregivers depending on the state and their cities. However, when looking at the salary figure, one should not directly assume that the highest salary figure means more savings. You also need to consider the cost of living in that place to accurately evaluate how much you will be saving and whether you will be able to cover your bills with that salary in a particular city.


To ensure that you are comparing apples by apples across states, you should divide the average annual salary of a senior caregiver by the cost of living of a specific location and then multiply the answer by 100 to get a relative average salary. It will allow you to precisely know where you will be able to actually earn higher.


Here is a quick overview of average hourly salaries for private elderly care jobs in some of the high paying states in the U.S.:


  1. New York: $19.13 per hour

  2. Washington: $17.90 per hour

  3. Massachusetts: $17.53 per hour

  4. Maine: $17.03 per hour

  5. Vermont: $16.84 per hour

  6. California: $16.61 per hour

  7. Oregon: $16.48 per hour

  8. Alaska: $15.90 per hour

  9. Rhode Island: $15.67 per hour

  10. New Jersey: $15.50 per hour

  11. New Hampshire: $15.14 per hour

  12. South Dakota: $14.41 per hour

  13. Connecticut: $14.30 per hour

  14. Delaware: $14.28 per hour

  15. Iowa: $14.14 per hour

  16. North Dakota: $14.05 per hour

  17. Nebraska: $14.03 per hour

  18. Maryland: $13.92 per hour

  19. Michigan: $13.81 per hour

  20. Kentucky: $12.54 per hour 

Again, before making any decision, you must consider the cost of living in an area to precisely gauge how much you can expect to earn hourly as a senior caregiver in a state. For instance, even though the hourly wage of caregivers in Texas is $12.13 per hour, the cost of living in this state is surprisingly affordable as the cost of living in Texas is about 7 percent lower than the national average. So, in this context, the pay scale of elderly care in Texas is appealing even when it seems much lower than that of other states.


Besides, if you choose to become a live-in home caregiver for seniors in the United States, you can get paid higher than a caregiver who is responsible for taking care of a senior for a few hours a day. Plus, as you gain experience further, you will see an increase in hourly pay.


If you want to gain an edge in this competitive industry, you can enroll in programs such as home care aide certification and dementia care certification. Certifications and special skills will make you more confident to ask for a higher pay than those who do not have certifications or special skills.


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